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Fushengxin has perfect project management control ability
one-stop consulting service, whole process collaborative R & D design!

  • Mould design
    The design team has rich experience in the optimization of plastic mold structural parts, avoiding more than 98% of the program defects before opening the mold, saving costs and shortening the development cycle
  • Tool management
    Professional software advanced function complete analysis, thoroughly find out the defects and flaws in the design scheme
  • Production control
    After optimization and confirmation, a lot of time can be saved. When the design changes little, it can be quickly modified free of charge to save costs and seize business opportunities
  • Quality control
    Have rich experience in mold production, can truly reflect the appearance, production, assembly and other problems of the design scheme, and provide accurate reference for further optimization
Fushengxin's rich experience in collaborative R & D and design helps you seize the market opportunity

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